2 st Cane Corso Italian


Pedro (Rothorms Jy Dream Flauros)
Född: 2007-10-30 Spanien

His X-ray HD/ED

He arrived friday evening 18/1-2008.

He was 11 weeks and 3 days when he arrived, 35 cm and 8 kg.
He was so tiny and skinny, and not just that, see all picture below.

All pictures are "clickable".

His ear was so infected, full of pus, so heavy that they was hanging down.

How it looked under all layer of dry pus, but the last purulent is not cleaned yet on this photo.
They layer of dry pus was so thick that you could not see the "fishingline" when he arravied.

Purulent abscesses

Certificate from our veterinary 21/1/2009

Stated that;
3. He has infection and are treated with antibiotics.
8. Very small navel hernia.
11. One testicle in the scrotum.


At the veterinary for controll after 10 days, and got one more dos of antibiotic to clear the infection in ears and tail.


And he came with a passport from one country and he from an other country?!

The veterinary Bassets are lockated in the country he arravied from. (It's not that veterinary that cleared him for transport)
Maybe they dont have any pasport in that country!! :-/

After 6 mounts and still just one testicle down.

Got a deal for that and the export peedigre was suposed to be send as soon as he was castrated.

He went through the surgery in February 2009, and still no export peedigre..... 2009-09-28

It was a big operation, since the testicle was located far up in the stumage.

After a week he had to go through surgery again, since it did't stop bleeding. He also got medication to make it stop bleeding.

After that he got very swollen.


Certificate and receipt of his castration.

And went throut that for nothing, he have still not any peedigre..
The breeder dont even care to answer mail, since she is not going to get any more money for him.
Nice breeder!!!


No questions who his father is, you can see that.